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Visual Lab PRO

Visual Lab is normally supplied on a CD and includes the following standard program modules:

  • Visual Lab Lens Surfacing Program
  • Lens Specification Database Manager
  • Frame Measurement Database Manager
  • Frame Trace Manager

The following additional modules are also included on the CD at no extra charge:

  • Contact Lens Calculations
  • Wholesale Lab Invoicing and Billing
  • Inventory Database Manager
  • Retail Point of Sale Invoicing and Billing


Visual Lab features a Lens Specifications and a Frame Specifications Database to store data and draw information from as needed. Once the program learns the measurements of your most commonly used frames, considerable data entry time can be saved in the surface lab calculator if you do not have a frame tracer. Visual Lab also contains a wholesale lab invoicing and billing system. The wholesale billing system can be linked to the Visual Lab Inventory system to help you automatically manage your inventory. Another bonus is a Retail Point of Sale module that also links with the Visual Lab inventory system.

Because it has been included at no extra charge, phone support is not available for the accounting and inventory functions of Visual Lab.

Visual Lab also features an extra calculation program that contains several additional calculations for eyeglasses and contact lens.

Visual Lab also has report capabilities to help you with your lens ordering and to help you forecast changes in the type and amount of surface work done by your lab.

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