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The most valuable tool for professionals

  • Ensures correct measurements
  • Optimised free form progressive lens performance
  • Minimises re-checks, re-makes and returns
  • Easily integrated into any practice
  • All-in-one device
  • Space saving footprint
  • Sleek Design
  • High durability to withstand daily use
  • Clean, easy & intuitive user interface
  • Cost effective
  • Dimensions: Height 1.92 m width 31 cm


  • 2 hidden HD cameras behind the mirror. The cameras travel on a motorised slider to adjust for people of different heights
  • 15” Multi touch monitor
  • Swivel arm


EASILY takes ALL the fitting parameters necessary to personalise the most advanced digital lenses.

It takes a highly skilled professional to master great accuracy when measuring eyewear and PD’s with manual techniques. Your results are spot-on for conventional progressives, but the latest digital lenses require extra data and a level of precision that can only be achieved by a digital centration device. Fit freeform lenses successfully with the e-Column: the smartest investment for your practice.

A field-proven patented

Monocular PD must relate to the frame. Since a digital pupilometer sits on the customer’s nose, instead of the frame it cannot give you an accurate reading. Using the centre of the pupils usually results in an incorrect PD measurement. Our patented method analyses your customer’s new frame, posture, head rotation and take their corneal reflex, not the centre of their pupil, in order to maximise the customisation of the measurements. This ensures a correct fit and optimises the lenses performance. Better measurements create better vision therefore exceeding customer satisfaction and recurring business.

Easy, accurate, reliable...

Your e-Column measurements accuracy and repeatability are tested and approved by the major lens manufacturers and labs to fit premium lenses. Today more than 35% of opticians throughout the world trust the measurements taken with digital centration devices.

Now is the time to use the e-Column and take your optical store to the next level. e-Column is the most user friendly centration device on the market. Easy to set up, our experts will train your staff in your practice. Its clean and professional design gives your store a modern appearance that can accommodate wheelchairs. You will now be able to take easy measurements for children and adults that are of different heights without them needing to take an unnatural posture, which results in a fitting height error.


Educate your clients on the best options available and boost your premium lens sales!

The e-Column helps your high myopia customers see what they look like in their new glasses, it enables you to show them exactly how they will see out of their new prescribed lenses.

Eyewear Selection

Eyewear Selection

Try on new frames, take pictures or videos,compare them side by side, and get instant feedback from friends. Your customers are happy with their frame choice and less likely to have buyer’s remorse.

Lens simulations

Lens simulations

The e-column makes it easy for you to give stunning lens presentations. Your customers can easily understand the benefits of each option and visualise them based on their prescription. These high tech demonstrations save you time and can increase your lens sales.

Centration Measurements

Centration Measurements

Take all the necessary fitting parameters such as Distance and Near Monocular PD, Fitting height, Pantoscopic tilt, Vertex distance, Frame wrap, Reading distance, Inset, and recommend the best corridor length selection. Taking all these measurements with the e-column is a real no-brainer and gives you a high tech image that your customer expect from you.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality module allows you to virtually show customers how they will see with a polarised, aspheric, photochromic and different progressive lenses. Many studies show that consumers who viewed the augmented reality experience are most likely to buy better lenses, and in fact are prepared to do so at a 30% higher price. Augmented reality clearly lends well to the sales process.


NEW Multi Touch Technology!

The simplicity and intuitive nature of multitouch is such that it requires no formal training, this allows users to work more efficiently and effectively than with a PC.

Smart e-Column


New and Exclusive

Near vision module (NV fit) allows your clients to select the optimal progressive lens
design according to their comfortable reading distance.

Adaption issues are mostly related to an incorrect near zone measurement, too much addition and wrong fitting heights. Our new “NV Fit” technology minimises such errors.

Instead of giving near vision tests at an average distance, this patented technology takes patient’s precise reading distance. This measurement allows you to adjust the inset, placing the near distance area in the most optimal position of the lens according to the patient’s comfortable reading distance.

Over 16,000 opticians throughout the world are using our solutions. You too can trust our expertise.

Contact us to enjoy the benefits of owning an e-Column, the opticians most valuable tool.

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