Optical Engineering



  • Coburn blocks 43mm & 55mm
  • Edging buttons & edging pads
  • White nylon laps:
    70mm x 35mm
    80mm x 30mm
    60mm x 35mm
  • Aluminium lap holder
  • High base foam lap holder for 2g
  • Calibration plug
  • Vacuum & filter bags
  • Vacuum motors
  • Hardcoating lacquers
  • Lens polish
  • Smoothing & polishing pads
  • Surface saver tapes
  • Lens blocking alloy


We also supply all new genuine manufacturers machine parts & spares which carry 6 months warranty

Wipe out

Wipe out

Acetone Free lens marking removerImmediately dissolve and eradicates any progressive ink markings with ease, the only ink remover you will ever need. Our acetone free solution will never ruin a lens. Available in larger 16oz screw top bottles.

Features and benefits:

  • Improves lab safety
  • A clean and simple process
  • No diluting
  • Dries instantly preventing an oily residue
  • Simply apply with a swab, cloth or dip into solution
  • Ideal for use in optical labs and shops
  • No smudging smearing, completely user friendly
  • No diluting required
  • A clean and simple process

On site maintenance & rapid response service throughout the UK & Europe

We also offer:

  • Yearly machine services
  • Annual service contracts
  • Machine loan service
  • Finance/part ex available
  • No charge on over the phone technical help

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